7 Ways to Avoid Road Rage

February 27th, 2015 by

We’ve all had our fair share of road rage–especially here, in Massachusetts, a place known for its aggressive driving. Not to be confused with bad driving. No matter what they call us, we know how to drive–we just do it with a bit more passion than others. Despite the many jokes about a Mass driver’s temper, road rage isn’t a game and it can lead to some serious situations. Cool off with these seven ways to avoid road rage:


  1. Just, get over. If someone is bothering, riding, tailgating you (however you may say it) then move. Driving becomes incredibly simple once you just avoid the people causing you frustration. It may take a bit more effort on your part, but, believe me, it’s worth it.
  2. Say sorry. Hey, you’ve been in the wrong once or twice too. Gesture an apology, then the other person will have gotten angry for no real reason…and look silly.
  3. Time is delicate when you have jobs to do, places to be–yea, we get it you’re important. Give yourself more time. Plan ahead and account for things to not go your way (often they won’t).
  4. Empathy. You’ve made a mistake before. You are, by no means, a flawless driver–neither is anyone else. Put yourself in their shoes, cut them a break. It’s good karma.
  5. Music choice. If you are prone to angry fits on the road, get some good music. Don’t fiddle with radio stations you don’t like. Find something that’ll make your ride enjoyable.
  6. See, the horn wasn’t intended to be used at leisure. It’s to alert other drivers of a potentially dangerous situation. So, no you can’t pull a 30-second-long-beep at that one guy for cutting you off.
  7. Don’t glare. Let’s not overdramatize the situation. They know they messed up. Or even if they don’t, menacing eye contact and angry gestures will certainly not improve the situation.


Now for the serious stuff. Some surprising facts about road rage:


  1. Aggressive driving plays a role in 66% of traffic fatalities.
  2. A firearm is involved in 37% of aggressive driving incidents.
  3. Out of 10,000 road-rage incidents committed over seven years, there were 218 deaths and 12,610 injuries recorded according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Focus on getting where you need to go. Apply these tips the next time you drive, and you’ll likely end up with a better experience than before. There’s already several feet of snow clogging up our streets, do we really need to get into each other’s way too?

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